Six for Saturday

I should be writing my literature review right now, but I am feeling rather uninspired.  So, instead, here are six things I am absolutely loving right now.

1.  Robyn‘s album Body Talk.  How have I not had this on my iPhone before this week?  I haven’t stopped listening to it ALL WEEK.


2.  My new pillow from Ikea.  It’s so soft and fluffy.  It definitely makes it harder to get out of bed, but it’s so worth it!  I seriously want to go back and get another one.  (Along with the pillow and assorted other things we also have a bookcase, and a dresser and desk for Steph- I got the old dresser.  We’ve been in this place over a year, and it’s taken this long to get more furniture.)

3.  Dark chocolate.  Enough said.

4. The Kate Shugak novels by Dana Stabenow.  I’ve read through all 20 in the past 2 weeks and I’ve really enjoyed them.  I was kind of surprised since I really had no interest in reading about Alaska, but I love crime novels, and I was hooked!

5. Feedly.  It’s no Google reader, but it will do.  🙂  It imported all my Google reader blogs I read, and so far it’s been pretty seamless.

6. Getting through this week without losing it. This was a hard week for me, emotionally. I’m glad I had plenty to keep my mind occupied and busy- not to mention some retail therapy.  🙂

Here’s a bonus Molly for you.  🙂

2013-03-16 20.13.02

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