Anxiety, again


I’m no stranger to anxiety.  I’ve been suffering since I was 11, when I didn’t even know what it was.  I have good days and weeks, and bad days and weeks.  This would be classified as a bad time, full stop.

I have a lot on my plate right now, and because I feel I need to be perfect, I’m anxious.

I have to get my research done, so I’m anxious.

I worry about the future, especially in light of the news regarding immigration here in the UK, so I’m anxious.  (Whether or not this will affect me directly, I am not 100% sure because it seems the information changes by the hour.)

I worry about my health, and the health of my family and friends.

I worry about how I will support myself come January 1, 2015, and while that seems like a ways away, it’s really not.

I worry about money, so I’m anxious.

I’m worried about the new treatment the pain management team wants me on, so I’m anxious.  (There will be a separate post about this later.)

I worry about, well there isn’t much I don’t worry about.

I’ve been to my GP and the solutions I’ve been given, I am not happy with.  One, mainly because it requires change (and some work) and right now I am not sure I can handle it.  I don’t know.  My hopes is they can refer me to someone who can be a bit more help than the therapist I was assigned and who I broke up with.

Right now, I’ve got a cuppa and a Molly and that will just have to be enough.

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