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I alluded to this yesterday, but I am really, really stressed out about the medication that (the mean neuro) and now the pain management specialist wants me to go on.  That medication is Lyrica.

I feel really overwhelmed about all of the information that is out there about this medication.  While I understand people who have negative side effects on medications tend to be more vocal, it doesn’t mean they are wrong.  Right? And these side effects are worse than what I experienced on Dopamax Topamax, which was a nightmare, caused me to not be able to think straight, drive, and I ended up losing my job due to my performance while on it.

I think that losing short term memory and never recovering it is a BIG deal.  I think having brain fog and not being able to recall basic words is a BIG deal.  I use my brain daily as a PhD student, I need to be able to think and write!

I also think gaining 60+ pounds is a BIG deal, especially since I am trying to lose weight.

I also think serious issues with depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideation are BIG deals, especially as someone who is depressed and anxious.  The last thing I need is to become more depressed and anxious!

Out of all the google searches I’ve done since this medication was mentioned to me, I have only found a handful of people have had good experiences.  (Of course, if you are doing well, you probably aren’t venting on the internet.)

There’s even a lawsuit in the US about taking Lyrica off the market.

I just don’t know which is worse now, the headaches, or the potential for the above issues.     That being said, my biggest fear (if I decide to take it) is that it will work for the pain, but make me unable to function.  I also fear that by not taking it, and trying I won’t be taken seriously by the medical professionals who are treating me.

I am having such a hard time figuring out what I am going to do.  I go back in 2 weeks to talk with the GP once the notes from the PMC are in.  Hopefully by then I will have come to a decision.


  1. Anonymous
    30/03/2013 / 12:32

    Hey Cindy, if you’re not comfortable with the medication then maybe you shouldn’t.
    The doctors aren’t always right. I just finished reading this book, The Psychopath Test: A Journey Through the Madness Industry, and it’s scary what some of these psychiatrists have done to people. I don’t mean to scare you, just to say that you’re in control here and if you’re not comfortable then you don’t have to take it.

    • 30/03/2013 / 14:06

      My worry is that this is the second time that I’ve been asked to go on this medication, and if I refuse treatment . . . . I’m worried that I will not be taken seriously for the headaches and for other things. It’s a slippery slope, since I do not know for sure that I will have these reactions. It’s all very frustrating.

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