Goals for March recap

Last month I made goals for myself for the month of March.  Let’s see how I did!

Goals for March 

  1. Finish my literature review.Nope.  Didn’t even touch it.  I have no excuses.
    Grade: F
  2. Get my research started! (I’m being held up by red tape, essentially, at this point)YES!  I have data!  I have 3 schools on board.  (I wanted 6, and I will keep trying, but I am running out of time at this point.)
    Grade: B+ 
  3. Spin at least once/week.  (It’s so hard to get booked into a class if I don’t book it right away when the the online registration comes online.)If I can get to spin class tomorrow, I will have met this goal!
    Grade: B (I could have made it to more classes, I fully admit.)
  4. Start Stage 2 of NROLFW.Nope.  Didn’t happen.  
    Steph and I talked about this, and while we both *want* to continue NROLFW, the plans get longer and more complex as they go on.  This means more time at the gym that honestly we both need to using on school work.  I have no problem spending an hour to 90 minutes at the gym for weight lifting, but once we factor in the 90 minutes round trip of walking, it seems to take forever. (Yesterday we left at 2 and didn’t get home until half 5!)So we have decided to switch to Strong Lifts for the time being, so we are still lifting and being challenged, and perhaps to add in some NROLFW exercises as accessory lifts.  I hope that we can return to NROLFW at some point, but right now my focus really needs to be my school work.
    Grade: F (We knew we were taking a break; we didn’t intend it to be practically a month!)
  5. Continue to get 8+ hours of sleep/night.Pretty much a done deal, for the most part
    Grade: A

So, a mixed bag for the month of March.  I totally could have done so much better on all fronts.  A lot of it was due to depression issues and other things in my life.  A lot of it was laziness, plain and simple.  I have no excuses for that.  I can do better.  I know I can.  I just need to do it.


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