Week in review

I haven’t posted a lot this week, mainly because I haven’t really had anything to say.  My headache has been more painful than usual over the past few days and that combined with general stress has just made me not want to spend much time sitting in front of my computer.  I was also pretty busy earlier in the week as well.

On Monday I spent a good portion of time on campus.  I had a project that I needed to get finished for my advisor, and then I needed to go to the GP.  I did get a nice walk in as well.

Tuesday, I had a meeting with my advisor to go over the project, and then had to polish it up and get it to the printers.  I walked home from uni and since I had been up early, I took a nap when I got home.

Wednesday involved a meeting at a school interested in my research.  This one wasn’t as far out, but it did mean a subway + bus ride.  After the meeting I took a quick walk around Silverburn shopping centre and headed home.

Thursday I had to stay at home until packages were delivered and the grocery delivery came.  I also needed to get to the post office to send off some packages.  I was planning on going to spinning late in the afternoon, but when I got home from the post office I wasn’t feeling well at all.  I ended up napping and when I woke up I was starving.  I had forgotten to eat lunch.  I was so focused on getting things done and waiting for the groceries that I forgot to eat!  I have no idea how I managed that.  I don’t usually forget to eat!

Yesterday, we walked to the gym and did weights (we’ve changed programs again- which I will explain in another post) and I also ran a few errands.  We had salmon for dinner, and after I went for a short walk to Tesco.  Then I had a relaxing bath and read for the rest of the evening.

Wow, my life is boring!

And for those of you who read my blog and know of my love of Doctor Who/David Tennant:  (If you haven’t read Twitter/Facebook/Tumblr/any social network today then please avert your eyes)

Yes, I am excited.  No, I do not think it will take place in an alternate universe.  Whenever there are multi-Doctor stories, they just add the additional Doctor in the story- they don’t have to jump to a locked alternate universe just to have the Ten and Rose dynamic.

Yes, I know Steven Moffat is writing/has written the episode.  Yes, I know what people think of it.  That being said, I do not think that the 50th episode was written in a vacuum and I honestly think it will be fine.  (Granted Moffat gave me Sherlock, so therefore I’ve become a bit of a Moffat apologetic.)  (please don’t give me grief on this subject)

Yes, I know all about the issues that people have with him writing women characters, etc, and TBH, I stopped giving a shit a long time ago.  I had to step back from all the issues I had with television and angst, etc. b/c *I* personally don’t have enough Valium to deal with my own personal anxieties, let alone television ones.  I finally realized this when I was watching House and would have a nervous breakdown every time he looked at Cuddy and I finally realized that it is TELEVISION and I have to calm the F down.  (exclusions to this clause see: The End of Time and The Reichenbach Fall)

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