April goals

Happy opening day!!!!  🙂

I hope everyone who celebrates, had a nice Easter.  My whole young adult life I resented having to do family shit, and now that I am older, I wish I could have had family things to do.  I spent Easter alone, and mostly in bed.  Depression is hard.  And now there may be a link to the increased depression and living in a mouldy environment.  I’d show you all a picture, but it’s really gross.  I wouldn’t want my worst enemy to see my bathroom/cupboard.

Anyways . . . .

Goals for April

1. Eat Cindy’s version of Paleo for the entire month.  This means no bread, cupcakes, muffins, crisps, etc. It means salads and lean meats and bacon and eggs.  It also means Greek yogurt and milk and whey protein. (We have a ton of whey!) I know that this isn’t technically considered Paleo, but I can’t have nuts or nut derivatives and I don’t have any issues with dairy.  I am hoping to see results scale-wise (I will be tracking calories as well) and if I do not then I can go from there and see what else can be eliminated or if I need to decrease calories more.

2.  Go to spinning class at least once a week, preferably twice.

3.  Continue to get enough sleep.

I have a lot on this month; the conference I am helping my advisor with, a bunch of workshops, and all of my data should be in by the end of the month.  I don’t want to give myself too many goals that I may or may not be able to keep to.

My biggest worry is how I am going to eat while I am on campus.  The cafeteria is barely a step above Riker’s Island, and doesn’t have any Paleo options.  I also do not have access to a fridge, stove, or microwave when I am in the office.  And I don’t have a cooler or anything like that either, of course.  So I need to figure that out.  My kingdom for a container of sunflower butter from Trader Joe’s.


What are your April goals?


  1. 01/04/2013 / 17:38

    Bleach kills mold. I think sunshine does too. But bleach for sure. Also, you might be interested in this website: http://dogtorj.com/ He has helped many people as well as animals.

    • 01/04/2013 / 19:11

      It’s WAY beyond bleach. The entire bathroom and cupboard need to be demolished (pretty much) and rebuilt. It’s into the walls and floors and underneath the tub. I live in Glasgow, there is no sun. 😉 (There is no window in our bathroom anyways.) There is nothing I can do until they finally repair it. I’ve been dealing with this since before Thanksgiving. They have had 3 quotes and finally have told us that the owner’s insurance won’t cover it (duh, it’s been going on since long before we moved in) so now we need to wait for the landlord to hire someone to do the repairs.

  2. 09/04/2013 / 17:22

    I’m looking forward to seeing how your “paleo” goes.. I can’t imagine not having access to a fridge/microwave though! Those are my lifesavers at work!

    I think the biggest thing is if you want it to work; you’ll find a way to make it work. You want to lose so many pounds (ah, kilograms? lol), and even though I hate the scale, work on things you CAN control to get you to where you want to be.

    I just became a certified personal trainer (not public on the blog world yet.. JUST found out this morning!), so I feel like I can openly share my opinions now.. haha. 🙂

    Anyway, take small steps.. and work your butt off at those steps.

    I think Stronglifts will be an awesome help to building muscle, which can help melt that fat away. Don’t stress though if the weight number doesn’t change right away.. keep it up, girl!

    • 09/04/2013 / 17:37

      It’s been tough this week. The past 2 days have not been remotely 100% Paleo at all. I tried really hard to make it through the day without eating the conference food, but grapes and apples can only fuel you for so long.

      I feel good that I tried, but not eating all day, was making me feel worse. It’s only 3 days, so I am ok with that, but I do feel like I let myself down; wishing that I had been able to workout some way of having a Paleo meal.

      I did find out this weekend that I do have access to a fridge and microwave when I am in the office working on my research. So that’s the good news! 🙂

      And congrats on YOUR good news! 🙂

      • 09/04/2013 / 17:40

        Yeah.. grapes and apples are not sustainable lol. What about hard boiled eggs? a sandwich baggie with some cooked chicken? May not last hours and hours, but could be good in a pinch?
        If you ever want to share your meal plans and workouts, I’d love to try and help guide you! 🙂

        I want to turn my training into a life coaching of sorts.. help people fix multiple areas (fitness/food being the top); I’m an accountant by day, so I think I could help budget people and find a way to fund their healthy lifestyles. So many idea; just need to execute!

        • 11/04/2013 / 16:52

          Now that the conference is over, it’s back to normal. 🙂

          I will definately let you know if I don’t see any results after this month. I know that slow and steady is the preferred method, but there is slow, and there is s l o w.

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