Day 2 of “Paleo”

Tuesday was a good day.  I had bacon and eggs for breakfast along with an iced coffee with coconut milk.  I did some reading and then we walked to the gym.  On the way I got an iced latte, even though it was chilly.  I love iced coffee, but it isn’t really popular here, so I tend to have iced lattes once it’s above freezing.  🙂

We weight lifted (yay!) and then walked back home for a total of 7 km walked yesterday.  We stopped at Tesco for salad, chicken, and sweet potatoes.

Here’s my weight lifting numbers for yesterday (not including warm up reps).

photo (3)

When we got home I had a protein shake  and some grapes while I caught up on blogs.  For dinner I had grilled chicken, steamed brussel sprouts, and a baked sweet potato.  For some reason I didn’t have much of an appetite and I couldn’t finish my chicken, so I only ended up eating half.

I had a hard time sleeping last night, and ended up waking up early today (day 3).  I’m feeling really blah and lethargic today for some reason; I guess that is what will happen when you have an awful night’s sleep.

If you sleep poorly, do you have a hard time the next day, or are you able to power through it?


    • 11/04/2013 / 16:50

      So far it has been going well!

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