Day 5 of “Paleo”

(I was totally lame lazy today and forgot to take pictures.)

I had to go into the office early this afternoon, so I had to get up at a reasonable hour.  When I woke up I was really sore from yesterday’s workout and my head was killing.  Lovely.

I got ready to go and Steph kindly made me an omelette before I left.  It was really good; cheddar, spinach and tomato.  I headed to Starbucks because I needed an iced latte, and then walked to the office.  The sun was out and it was nice, but it was freezing still.  Where is spring?  Certainly not in Glasgow.

I went into the office and got the few things I needed to get done before the weekend.  I still need to go in on Sunday to put up signs and things.  I would have done it today, but I didn’t have any tape.  I also want to clean my desk and perhaps move it so I don’t have bad glare from the window, so I was planning to go in Sunday anyways.

I left and stopped at student services to drop off a form (so I can get the rest of my loans!) and walked home via Tesco.  I grabbed some salad and fruit for lunch.  I ended up making a salad with some tuna while I caught up on blog reading.

I tried to nap and failed.

Steph made chicken, brussel sprouts and a sweet potato for dinner.  I’d have enjoyed it more, if I wasn’t in so much pain.  🙁


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