Day 7 of “Paleo”

This is a quick drive by post. I have to get to bed early tonight as I have to be up at half 6! (Eeek!)

I had a lovely omelette for breakfast and some coffee with coconut milk. Then I had to get to the office to do some last minute things before tomorrow. I also rearranged my desk while no one was in.

I was feeling a bit woozy so I finished up and ran a few errands and came home. I had some tea to see if that would help, which didn’t really. I think the lower carb portion of the diet is catching up to me.

I made a small cup of broth and chicken while Steph made me a frittata for the week so I can heat it up before I go. This week is going to be hard since there will be little food options for me at the conference. I have grapes and a 9 bar for tomorrow, and I hope there is extra fruit there.

I finally forced myself to eat dinner- a sweet potato and a tiny bit of frittata while I listened to the homeruntastic Red Sox game! So awesome!!!

Tomorrow will be a very busy and rewarding day (I hope!).

How was your Sunday?

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