Days 8 and 9 of “Paleo”

Yeah…. about that.

This week is the Youth Studies conference at uni.  I’ve been assisting with the admin behind the scenes and I also get the opportunity to attend the conference itself.

That being said, it is not easy to be Paleo at a conference when you can’t bring your own perishable food (mainly b/c of portability and a place to keep it).  Believe me I tried.  I really did.

Monday morning I started off my very early morning with a piece of egg/spinach/feta frittata that Steph made me.  Excellent.  By 9:30 I was starving.  I finally had a chance to eat my grapes for snack.  Still doing good.

2013-04-07 17.51.02

Then it was lunch time.  I ate my not quite Paleo 9Bar.  I ate some strawberries.  I picked some turkey off a sandwich.  I drank water.  By the second break, I was so hungry that you could hear my stomach growling.  At that point I was out of snacks, and they were almost out of fruit.  So I caved and ate 7000 mini shortbread.  I won’t lie.  They were delicious.  And I was able to pay attention in the roundtable session without worrying about how loud my tummy was growling.

Dinner was turkey, sweet potato, and brussel sprouts and on plan.  Winning.

Today was another story.

When I had to decide between an extra 20 minutes of sleep or getting up to heat up leftover frittata . . . .sleep won.  I ate my favourite, delicious blueberry muffin for breakfast.  For break I had a mini muffin.  For lunch I had a small cheese sandwich and fruit.  For afternoon tea I had a selection of mini pastries.  None of it remotely Paleo, and I am ok with this.

After yesterday and being so hungry and cranky, I knew going into today I was going to have to go off plan.  I don’t have an issue with grains or dairy, so I wasn’t worried about feeling sick.  I just felt bad that I wasn’t sticking to my plan.

That being said, I realised it was better to eat 3 meals off plan than be hungry (and miserable and bitchy) the entire day.  I didn’t go crazy (except maybe with the shortbread) and I made the best choices I could with what I had.

Tomorrow is the last day of the conference.  I hope I can find something for lunch (it’s the same lunch as Monday, and there is literally nothing being served that I like or can eat- I’m still not sure if hummus is ok for me or not and I’d rather not have some and have an allergic reaction).  I don’t have anything in the house to prepare and bring with me, so I may need to leave early to go grab something to eat or be prepared to eat lots of fruit.

As rewarding as this conference has been, I will be glad when it is Thursday and I can go back to my normal routine.

And on that note, time to heat up some leftover fritatta.  🙂


  1. 10/04/2013 / 18:06

    Keep it up! Being Paleo is very hard when you’re out and about, but you seem to be doing it right with a) eating it when you can and b) not beating yourself up when you don’t..

    The thing to remember about being paleo is that it’s a LIFESTYLE, so just because you cave and have pizza one night followed by ice cream the next day DOESN’T mean that you’re not paleo.. Just means that, like everyone, sometimes we have to give in to our cravings!

    I’ve been Paleo since February and LOVE IT! Keep it up! And I promise the ‘carb cravings’ and headaches, etc. will all subside soon! =]

  2. 11/04/2013 / 16:48

    I wish you could promise the headache will end soon. It’s only been 7 years. 🙂 I haven’t really had any cravings apart from the random waffle craving. “Paleo” for me isn’t really anything I hadn’t been doing; I just replaced the rice or pasta at night with a sweet potato, which I had been doing a lot anyways.

    The conference was the hardest b/c there was literally nothing Paleo and I just didn’t have the ability to bring and store my lunch. Now that it’s over, it’s back to normal here. 🙂

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