Headache update

After my last doctor visit, I spent a lot of time researching Lyrica.  She did say that while many people do have side effects, there are hundreds if not thousands of others who don’t (or don’t discuss it on the internet I said).  So, while I am completely worried about the side effects of losing my short term memory and gaining weight (especially when I am trying so hard to LOSE) I have made the decision to try.

The reasons being:

1. What if this is the medicine I’ve been waiting for and it fixes the never ending pain?
2. If I choose not to take it, will I not be taken seriously by the pain management team and my GP?
3. The GP is letting me take this slow and do it at my own pace, and is checking in with me every week.  While it is a bit inconvenient for me, it gives me peace of mind about titrating up (if it occurs) and if I end up having side effects, we can stop it as quick as possible.

So far?  Mixed results.  It’s only been 48 hours since I’ve been on it (4 doses).  Last night I felt funny and sort of queasy after I took it and just went to bed.  Today I felt really weird and kind of fuzzy (like after I came down from an ER administered Fentanyl high when I had a spinal tap) and then euphoric, and then really, really hungry, and then really, really tired.

I also have experienced some cognition issues, which has been my biggest fear.  I read a novel and I honestly couldn’t tell you what really happened in the novel.  I don’t know if it was the novel or the Lyrica or both.  I definitely will be keeping an eye (a part of my brain?) on this.

As far as the pain, well my head still hurts but not as much.  This isn’t surprising to me.  I had a bad pain weekend, and typically after a bad weekend I end up having a day or 2 where I’m in what I call my “liveable pain.”  (Basically where my pain level is under a 5 out of 10.)



I am hopeful for some positive results, but I am also cautious as I have been down this road many, many times before.


Have you ever had a chronic or long-term illness?  How have you coped day to day?

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