Last week- “Paleo” in review week 3

Last week was a crazy week.  I didn’t think it was appropriate (or necessary) for that matter to give an account of how I’ve been doing on “Paleo.”

There was so much more going on in the world that I needed to think about than how many grams of protein I was getting per day.  As a result of everything (and I am not saying it was an excuse) I didn’t track every day.  My workouts were light (also due to the fact that the physio wanted me to work on working on my knee rather than lifting weights or spinning for a little bit).  I ate things that were definitely not Paleo.  (Hello ice cream on a “warm to Scotland” day.)

And you know what, I’m ok with it.  (The scale was ok with it too.)  I was on plan 80% of the time.  All of my meals were “Paleo.”  I didn’t eat extra thousands of calories.  If I ate something off plan, I made sure the rest of the day accounted for that.  I was mindful.  I didn’t berate myself for having an ice cream on a nice day, like I used to.  While food is fuel, I honestly don’t think there is any harm in an ice cream on a nice day.

That being said, I hope to stay on plan for the remainder of the month and up until I attend Write this Run (and hopefully while I am there.)  Although I won’t beat myself up if I happen to find myself outside the lovely Gelateria in Soho that I LOVE.  🙂

I will just make sure I walk there and enjoy the view.  🙂


What’s your favourite flavour of ice cream?

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