What I did on Wednesday

Yesterday was a busy day.  So busy in fact, that I was too busy to blog about it.

First off I got up and had breakfast and then had to go pick up my surveys that were finished.  This meant a trip across the city.  Obviously this meant an iced latte first.

2013-04-12 14.51.38


After I picked up the surveys, I hit the gym.  I lifted weights and then did another day of C25K on the treadmill.  Back to back days running?  Who am I?


2013-05-01 14.53.29


When I got home I had just enough time to shove some Greek yogurt and strawberries in my face, take a shower, and get dressed.  I didn’t realize we were going out so soon for dinner, so I had to make a rush of it.

Dinner was totally not Paleo, but that’s ok because I am trying to just be 80/20 about it.

After dinner we walked up to the new gelato place.  There wasn’t really gelato, but what tasted a lot like ice cream to me.  Oh well.

Speaking of walking, I walked about 17,500 steps yesterday.  That’s insane.  (I won’t mention how few steps I’ve taken today, since I’ve done pretty much bugger all.) Rest days for the win.  I take ’em seriously.


How do you spend your rest days?

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