Weekly workout wrapup

I see so many other bloggers out there who wrap up their weekly workouts on Friday, and I’ve decided to jump on the bandwagon!

Saturday walk
Sunday walk
Monday 40 minute walk
Tuesday C25K + walk (total of almost 6k)
  • Standing Barbell Shoulder Press

    Lat Pulldown

  • Seated Barbell Shoulder Press
  • Leg Extensions
  • Abductor Machine

C25K on the treadmill (40 min for 3.75km/2.33 mi) + a ton of walking; 17,500 steps

Thursday Rest 🙂
Friday Bench Press & Barbell row

35 minutes C25K (3.3 km/2.05 mi)

[Walk @ 5.0, run at 8.2, 8.3, 8.5, 9.0, last sprint at 10.0 (on treadmill) ]

I’ve run 3 times this week!  Who am I?

Today we did Stronglifts, and since I can’t do squats yet (due to me rehabbing my knee) I hit the treadmill while Steph did squats.  (Linky to what I did today.)

It was so rainy here.  I can’t even imagine running out in the rain.  I don’t like to get wet.  In fact, in just going to the gym from my flat, my shoes/feet got wet and I planned ahead to change my shoes, since I hate wet shoes.  How DO people run outside when it is raining?  Do you waterproof your trainers?  I never know what to wear, and it is still chilly here and I never get the clothing right.  (Which is why it took me twice as long to do a 10K last year than it should have, b/c I was wearing 3 layers of clothing and I couldn’t MOVE?)

I can’t seem to find a jacket that fits, which makes me sad.  It just makes me feel like a failure for not being able to lose more than 20 pounds in a whole year.  It’s pathetic.

Wow.  Look how fast I can go from being positive to being negative?!

And on that note, have a good weekend.


What is your plan when your run coincides with rainy weather?


  1. {Melinda} Well, it’s easy to wrap up my fitness weeks lately …. zero, nada, nothing. My athletic daughter has started running in the evening since our neighborhood installed sidewalks. Thinking of joining her although I know i won’t be able to keep up! 🙂

    • 06/05/2013 / 22:38

      Sidewalks are always good. 🙂

      Go out and join her! I’m sure she’d be willing to go at a pace that suits both of you!

    • 06/05/2013 / 22:26

      Thanks! I feel great! 🙂

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