Busy weekend

Wow.  It’s (the end of) Monday already!  Where should I begin?

I had a relatively busy weekend.  Saturday, I went shopping.  I had (and still have) a ton of things to buy/do before I go to London Saturday morning.  Sadly, I haven’t been paid for the work I did last month, which is making things a bit tricky.  It is also the week before I get my next loan dispersal, so I’m pretty much skint.  Ugh.

I had a two major things I needed to get.  One, was a spring jacket since the raincoat I bought last year looks ridiculous on, and two, was a suitcase- for obvious reasons.  (I only had a really big bag that I got before I moved back to Scotland, and it would be way overkill for a weekend trip.  Luckily, I was able to find both at very reasonable prices.

I also picked up a couple of skirts, tights, leggings, and socks.  Exciting, I know.  We did a fair amount of walking about as well, considering it took me trips to like 5 different stores before I was able to find a jacket in a price range that wasn’t extravagant, and that actually fit.

I suppose I should be all OMG NSV with the jacket, since it is like 3 sizes down from the jacket I got last spring.  I know I should.  But it’s really hard to be excited when the scale goes up by 5 pounds and you realize the goal you set for yourself isn’t going to be made.  I feel frustrated and disappointed in myself.  I feel like I should have made SO much more progress than I have.

I suppose I could share a picture.

2013-05-06 14.03.13

Anyways. (The light in my room is crap.  Also don’t mind the mess.)

Sunday, I slept in (awesome), had pancakes (bad idea) and went for a long walk.

Steph went out in the evening and I took advantage of the quiet and took a long bath, listened to the Red Sox, and read.  Lush.

Today, (it being a Bank holiday weekend), was pretty much the same as any other day.  We got up and had breakfast, got ready and hit the gym.  We did the next workout on StrongLifts (all weights in kg), only I left out the squats (not cleared yet) and hit the treadmill instead.

2013-05-06 21.21.53

I had to pause once during the workout to get water, and when I got back, my workout had stopped.  WTF?  (The last treadmill I had used had a 4 minute pause, but this one only had 30 seconds, and I didn’t realize.)  Lame.  By the time I was done I was beet red and sweaty.  Ew.  I have no idea how long (distance wise) I went, but I’d say it was somewhere between 3.5-4km.  Then, we walked home.

2013-05-06 17.29.03


I still have my PT exercises to do, so I better get on that.


How was your weekend?

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