What I did Wednesday

Wednesday was a crazy busy day.  I had a bunch of things going on.  First things first, was breakfast and then a trip to Starbucks for an iced latte.  Priorities people. (I didn’t take a pic b/c I fail, so this is an oldie.)

2013-04-06 15.02.21


I had a GP appointment to go over my meds and discuss a few things.  We decided to up the Lyrica to 150 twice a day.  (I started the dose yesterday and today I’ve felt completely off my head *all day.*  I can’t recall basic words like spinach and my head feels like when I had Dilaudid when I was in the ER many years ago. Ugh.  I hope that when I take the dose tomorrow morning (the night dose I sleep through the side effects I assume) I feel ok.)   We’re also stopping the pill, since the one I had that was actually working has been discontinued.  Of course.

I then headed to my office to print out all the things I needed for my trip to London for Write this Run.  I have maps, itineraries, hotel confirmation, the lot.  (I’ve got notes and more notes of everything I need to do tonight and tomorrow.

2013-05-09 21.18.30

I paid a quick trip to see my advisor and then had a quick chat with some people in my office.

After, I walked back up to get my prescriptions filled and run some quick errands.  I then headed home to eat and get ready to hit the midnight showing of this.

All I will say is that it was bloody brilliant!  🙂

I finally hit the hay at 4 am!  I am hoping that the med effect has to do with the fact that I am totally exhausted.  I walked over 12,000 steps yesterday- I was beat!

I have some great news to share (the news I hadn’t shared from a few weeks ago) so look out for that post tonight or early tomorrow.

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