Weekly workout wrapup

What a week!  I’ve been to London and back, not to mention in the office three days this week (a new record, perhaps?).  I’ve been doing as much activity as possible while recovering from travel (and a huge blood blister from walking all around London), all while making sure I am listening to my body’s cues, especially my knee.  I’m also making sure I am keeping up with my PT exercises since I wasn’t able to do them over the weekend; there wasn’t remotely enough room in my tiny hotel room!

Saturday 10+ mile walk around Londonpicisto-20130517085458-767454
Sunday 3 mile walk
Monday 12+ mile walk around Londonpicisto-20130517090450-101662
Tuesday 4k walk
Wednesday rest
Thursday 30 minute spin class



Friday Walk (My knee wasn’t having any of this running business today 🙁  Nor was my head. )

photo (3)


I’m excited for the coming week since it looks like there will be sunshine! I’ve also scheduled in days for running, spinning, Body Pump, and I hope to be trying out a new Floor Barre class on the weekend.  I’m going to be working through my bucket list as diligently as possible in the coming months.

I’m also thinking about entering a few local 5K’s (I think there is one in a few weeks in Kelvingrove Park, but I can’t seem to find it online.) as well as attempting to drag myself out of bed at a reasonable hour on a Saturday for a Parkrun, since I heard nothing but good things about it at Write this Run.


Have you gone to Parkrun?  Did you enjoy it?

When was your last race?  How did it go?
Mine was a 10k last year, and we aren’t talking about it.  

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