How to go on a mediocre run

First, don’t get up until 10:30am.  Despite the fact it is early enough still to run (by heat standards) you aren’t going anywhere without any coffee.  Once you’ve had some coffee, well then you need to have breakfast.  Otherwise you won’t have any energy.

Second, have a doctor’s appointment at 2pm.  Still plenty of time you think.   Zoom through the appointment (no change in Lyrica, decrease Amitriptaline to see if this will help with spaced-outiness)   A quick trip to Boots and Waitrose and head back home. Now all you have to worry about is the pesky showers that have been forecast.  Oh and this.

Never mind that it was 22C/72F when you will be done with this run.  Now I know why runners get up early.

Did I fail to mention the only thing I’ve had to drink today is iced coffee, and more iced coffee.

Three, grab your Nuun water, strap on your Polar HRM, run, quite literally out the door.

Four, head to Kelvingrove park where everyone and their aunt is there.  Seriously.  The park is packed with mums with prams (who have to walk in groups of three across the path), kids in daycare after school playing with balls, surly teen skateboarders, pedestrians, other runners, cyclists, and pretty much everyone in Glasgow.

Five.  Shit.  Kelvingrove park is hilly.

Six, try to practice all you learned about running from @RunWithKaren while simultaneously watching the pavement, dodging the city of Glasgow, minding your knee, and your opposite foot with the blister on it.  I’m fairly certain I looked ridiculous.  It’s not easy to try to run as if you have a credit card between your bum cheeks.  :\

Seven, realize that this water bottle is terrible and end up wearing a good portion of your last tablet of Nuun.  🙁

Eight, realize you have the WORST iPhone5 armband in existance.  It won’t stay up on your still a bit too fat bicep without cutting off circulation, and for some reason it won’t stay on your forearm.  It looks like the velcro is too sweaty, or has worn out after 3 uses.  #fail

Nine, finally my interval timer has stopped.  Did I mention I was hot?

2013-05-20 15.51.11


Proof is in the pictures.  Special shout out to Erica for telling me about this app.

2013-05-20 19.45.37


The one thing that did work?  My new Popband hair elastic.***  It seriously kept my hair up the entire time AND didn’t leave any kinks when I took it down.  Usually once my hair is up, it stays up because the hair elastic leaves the kink in my hair, and it looks silly if I take it down.  Not this time!  I am a fan for life.  Go check them out!

Lastly, I get to do this again tomorrow?  Bring it on!  🙂



(***Disclaimer: I bought the Popbands with my own hard earned money and I’ve blogged about it because I thought they were brilliant!  This is not a sponsored post.***)


  1. 21/05/2013 / 16:43

    But you know what, you went out and got it done! Which, by all accounts, is what matters 🙂

    Hope the changes to your medications get rid of the spacy feeling. That has got to be so hard to manage!

    • 21/05/2013 / 22:30

      It’s insane. I take it as early as I can and go back to sleep for a bit, but I still wake up feeling confused and out of it. I’m so done with this! At least by the time I go run, I can at least find my way home!

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