Juneathon day 1

I was convinced to sign up for Juneathon.


 The concept behind it: Run (or do some other form of activity for 30 minutes), log it on Running Free and then blog about it.  I will keep it short and sweet, unless something remarkable happens or I’ve run a race (like tomorrow).

Today I needed to go to Waitrose, so I figured since I had to go there and it was a mile away, I’d run the mile there (as I didn’t want to tire my legs out for tomorrow) and walk home.  Easy peasy.

2013-06-01 16.16.01(I know the times don’t match up; I forgot to take my Polar off!)

Now I am catching up some telly with my compression socks on!  I’m excited for tomorrow’s 5K!

Are you doing Juneathon?




  1. runningman856
    02/06/2013 / 15:48

    Good luck with your race and for the rest of Juneathon.

    • 02/06/2013 / 16:57

      Thank you! You too!

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