Juneathon day 5


I walked everywhere today and not all of it I remembered to hit Runkeeper for.

  • Back and forth to the office.
  • To the train station.
  • From the train station to Buchanan St.
  • From Buchanan to the post office depot (huge waste of time; I thought it was my book and Fitbit from Amazon, instead it was cat food that we already have plenty of).
  • From the post office to Queen St. Station.
  • From Partick Station home.
2013-06-05 19.31.13

Back and forth and back again.

It looks like the beautiful weather is continuing and I hope the blister on the bottom of my foot/heel will heal up (HA!) so I can go out for a run (when my new trainers arrive tomorrow- I hope!)

2013-06-05 19.31.47

I suppose this should be in Celsius.

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