Juneathon day 11

I was feeling much better this morning!  🙂  I had breakfast and then headed off to a workshop on careers in academia post PhD. (I managed to get LOST trying to find the main building of University of Glasgow.  I’ve only been here for like 3 years….)  I figured I should find out what I was getting myself into!  (I learned I have a LOT of work to do in the next 18 months!)

After the workshop I headed to pick up my Lyrica prescription. (I’ve been doing so well on it we are going up to 225mg twice a day.)  Of course there was an issue getting it (for some reason there is a manufacturing issue on that dose, so I had to go to a different Boots.)  I picked up a temporary supply, ran into Waitrose for a Greek yogurt (I made it 4 days without any, but I was starving and I knew we hadn’t much food in . . .) and headed home.  I housed the yogurt with some sunflower seeds that came in my Graze box and then tackled some house work.

I was pretty stressed out after (don’t ask) so I went for a run.  I was going to wait a bit longer, but it wasn’t raining and I wanted to get it over with so I could devote the rest of the night to getting things done watching Mad Dogs.  ;D

The run was nothing special, but I felt good.  (The first km was my walk home.)

Go me!

Go me!

After, I came home and stretched.

I have muscles!  See?  :D

I have muscles! See? 😀

On the agenda for tomorrow- lots of work, a massage and PT!



    • 13/06/2013 / 12:44

      I am so stylish, huh? LOL!

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