Being honest- on expectations not met

There is one thing about my blog that you should know dear reader (Have I gotten a bit pretentious lately? Sorry about that.).  I am brutally honest.  I say what I feel and what I think.  That can be good and it can be bad, but I never claimed to be anything but.

After attending Write this Run, I expected my blogging experience to be completely different.  I expected tons of new readers and comments galore, not to mention perhaps the hope of some products to review and give away (We can all dream, can’t we?).

That, my friend, my dear, dear reader, didn’t happen.  Not even remotely.  I mean, I had a self hosted giveaway and only 5 people left comments!  Five! And it wasn’t for lack of promotion in the slightest!   I’ve had even fewer page views than before (I had a post that was partially entitled good news, and got 4 hits, and I know one of them was me testing it on my iPhone!) and looking at my Google Analytics brings me to tears.  I don’t think I have ever come so close to deleting the entire thing and walking away as I did after the giveaway experience.  (I said I was honest.)

How demoralising was that experience to me?  Very.  It hit me like a ton of bricks, that I spent a good chunk of change and a lot of time and effort getting this blog up and running the way I wanted it to, but only a very smal handful of people saw that change.  It reflected the change in me, and away from my old persona, away from the person I was and toward the person I want to be.  And I want more of you along for the ride, to be very brutally honest.

I want to share my trials and tribulations.  I want to encourage those of you out there who might be considering a program like Optifast NOT TO DO IT.  If you are thinking about it, please don’t.  Talk to me and I will tell you why.  I want to be a struggling runner, out there trying to get to a 5k without stopping.  I want to debate the merits of thinking about longer distances while also doing a PhD. I want to come home bedraggled and sweaty from a spin class and share how great it was.  I want to be up all night pouring over my data for my PhD dissertation and share how hard it is to do it all, yet show that it can be done.

One of the things that was asked at Write this Run, was who we were writing for.  Now, while I primarily write for myself, I also want to have a dialogue with people who are following and sharing this journey and who are likeminded individuals.  If I wanted to write for myself, and only myself, I could have saved myself some money and bought a pretty journal in Waterstones.

I know there are a billion blogs out there, and I know that not everyone gets their time in the sun.  I’ve been blogging for a long time under various names, and I know I’ve said this before, but I just want a chance to shine a bit.  So, if you are out there dear reader, please give me a chance.  You might be surprised.



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  2. 13/06/2013 / 21:41

    Hi Cindy,
    I think that we probably assume that everyone else has good statistics in terms of followers/hits/readers etc. I barely crawl into double figures on a good day, I have never dared to give anything away in case I have to keep it! While I have had an increase (from 0’s and 1’s) I think that is because Write this Run and Juneathon propelled me out of my closet and convinced me of the importance of bloggers as a community, and a support network, but only if I get my fat commenting fingers out there.
    That said, I think it is a marketing issue in part, and ‘success’ is governed by how marketable our blogs appear, and how much we hit the buzz-phrases of this quarter. If we are not yummy-running-mummies, we may not meet the criteria today!
    I enjoy your blog, you make me laugh and feel better about the day. So thank you for contributing to the general well-being of a very small part of the world:), and do please keep going.
    Mercy recently posted…#juneathon 13My Profile

    • 14/06/2013 / 08:53

      Thank you so much for that. I feel so much better now. 🙂

      A yummy-running-mummy, huh? I have a bit of work I need to do on that front now! HA! 🙂
      Cindy recently posted…Juneathon day 13My Profile

  3. 14/06/2013 / 08:35

    Five entries? That five times the number I had for my first giveaway 🙂

    As for comments, I second what Mercy says. In the absence of the elusive viral post, the best way to draw people to your blog is to comment upon theirs.

    One other point – on my google reader, your blog shows as “(title unknown)” rather than SleepSpinResearch. Not sure why.
    abradypus recently posted…Hostile terrain and reptilian run artMy Profile

    • 14/06/2013 / 08:56

      Thank you. I’m usually a commenting fiend, but real life has taken over a bit lately. I need to be more conscious of that again.

      As for title? I checked all the settings and everything seemed ok. I took all the titles out and re-added them back in again. Let me know if it’s still unknown. So weird.
      Cindy recently posted…Juneathon day 13My Profile

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