Juneathon day 13

My day started off like this.

2013-06-13 20.42.49

Breakfast tea at Cup and a latte before the office.

And ended like this.

2013-06-13 20.44.08

An unintentional 5 kilometers

When I headed out to run, I only planned on running for a half hour.  I just wanted to get out there and run.  (Well, since I am being honest today, I really didn’t.  But I felt a bit guilty after this morning’s indulgence and I didn’t even eat all of my half of the tea for two.)

So I ran.  And I kept running.  Because once I hit 4k, I didn’t see any reason why I couldn’t make it 5k.  Especially with views like this to pass.

2013-06-13 19.50.58

And might I say, I felt I had to deal with a wind chill when I started out- it is so chilly and windy out.  Clearly by the end I had warmed up, but the first 10 minutes were chilly.  And the next time I head out and think or say I don’t need water, I must be reminded that I DO need water.  (And to remember the heart rate band as well.)


  1. Steph
    13/06/2013 / 23:48

    At least the tea for two was delicious 😀

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