Weekly workout wrapup

I am so tired.  I apparently didn’t sleep well according to my Fitbit.



I’m not sure I was that restless.  Perhaps the sensitive setting is way too sensitive.

So this week:

Saturday 50 minute 4k walk back from city centre


Sunday 30 minute walk to the grocery store and back (so lame I know)
Monday 60 minute walk 4.6k to and from the office

photo (4)

Tuesday 41 minute run 4k in the humidity

2013-06-14 12.29.07

Wednesday 90 minute walk 5.8k to and from dinner

2013-06-14 12.26.24

Thursday 47 minute 5k run- longest RUN to date

2013-06-13 20.44.08

Friday Planned walk to check out new gyms; maybe a workout at one of them?

This was a good week.  I was active every day AND I finally finished entering all my questionnaires so I can FINALLY get started on analysis!  Horray!

Today I’d like to find a new gym that we can get to easily (not more than a 30 minute walk) that has spinning for me, weights for Steph and I, and possibly a jacuzzi for a reasonable price.  I’m barking mad aren’t I?

I also want to start some writing and put my gym clothes away.

I know you all envy my crazy lifestyle.  😉


What are your plans for the weekend?

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