#Juneathon day 15- first day at the new gym

I’ve mentioned before how Steph and I were fed up with our current gym.  No matter when we went it always seemed impossible to get access to a rack so that we could lift.  The past few times we’d end up having to use machines.  It was annoying.  Not to mention the fact that it was 80-90 minutes to walk round trip.  It was also in city centre which inevitably meant errands would have to be run, meaning more time.  So a trip to the gym would end up being an all day event.

I wanted a gym with spin classes, the ability to lift without waiting 5 hours, and if possible- a jacuzzi. (I was so so spoiled by the one at Healthworks in Boston!)  Friday we toured 2 gyms that were a 20 minute walk from our flat.  They were a bit more in cost, but we knew that would happen; not all gyms were as cheap as the bargain gym we were going to.

I liked the first one we toured and I knew the only way anything would ever beat it would be if the second gym had a jacuzzi.  Well, our new gym?  It has THREE.  (No, that wasn’t a typo.)

And it was worth every pence.

Today we walked there (could have done without the rain).  We went into the weight room and we didn’t have to wait for a bar.  By the time we were done with overhead presses and deadlifts, the squat rack was available.  It was bliss and that was before I even  sat in the jacuzzi.  🙂

It also has a pool, hot yoga, and Pilates classes, along with the “normal” classes.

I anticipate that I will be sore tomorrow, given this is the first time I’ve been able to lift in about a month, and the first time back to squatting without pain since last August!  The tentative plan is Pilates or maybe a run.  It all depends on how I am feeling.  But right now I am feeling very pleased about our choice, and I am sure I will have more to say on the subject soon.


  1. 15/06/2013 / 20:27

    Hey, congratulations! Gyms have a tendency to drive me round the bend unless they are empty.Either someone is dropping weights and letting the machines clang, or they are not actually using it but hovering next to it so that you can’t. Or the ultimate yuck, a bunch of sweaty blokes egging each other on and taking up one station for hours.
    Er.. which is why I have a collection of Tesco weights in my sitting room….That said I used to love going, it just made me feel good going in. I hope you have fun, let us know how it goes.
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  2. 17/06/2013 / 11:38

    If I had my own place- like my own house, or I knew there wasn’t a strong possibility of having to move again in 18 months, I would probably have weights at home and then I could go run outside and whatnot. However, the spinning portion of my blog would be lacking!

    I actually don’t mind the gym. If anything it forces me out of my comfort zone and allows me to work on my social anxiety with a positive outcome in exercise. 🙂 (I could do without the guys grunting like they are involved in another physical activity, though.)
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