#Juneathon day 16

I am tired.  I might have slept 10 hours last night, but I feel like I could go to bed right now.  And it isn’t even half eight.

Today I went swimming at the gym.  And by swimming I mean swimming 3 half-assed laps which wore me out and required jacuzzi time AND orange juice.  (I have no idea why but since forever I’ve always been wicked light headed after swimming unless I’m in the ocean.)

After we walked home, I was so tired I had to lay down.  And while I was trying to sleep all I could think of was how much of a failure I was about my diet because I drank said orange juice.  I even debated going for a run b/c I was so upset with myself.

I didn’t go for a run because I was too hungry and tired and I knew I was being irrational.

I was going to get some work done tonight but I can’t focus on anything (not even this post) so I think I may call it a night.



  1. 16/06/2013 / 19:46

    Swimming makes me so hungry I need to eat deep-fried horses afterwards. I think I would actually put on weight very fast if I did nothing but swim… I am off to bed soon too, tiring work this life stuff. Full marks for getting in the pool, more than I have managed for a couple of years!
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  2. 17/06/2013 / 11:35

    Ok- glad it isn’t just me! 🙂

    I was excited to finally have a gym with a pool, and that it never seems to be crowded. When I worked out at the uni gym you’d need to go in battle gear as it was so crowded everywhere!
    Cindy recently posted…#Juneathon day 16My Profile

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