#Juneathon day 19- health check

So . . . I mentioned the other day that we joined a new gym.  With this change, we were provided with a basic health check that included height and weight (I grew a centimeter!), fasting blood sugar, and cholesterol, (I’m not sure I have a lot of faith in a test that can measure my cholesterol in 175 seconds; that or I am out of touch in regards to medical technology.) blood pressure and resting heart rate.

My test was this morning at 10.  I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it, but I am really not a morning person.  I am even LESS of a morning person when you expect me to be somewhere and I can’t have any coffee beforehand or during.

I’m not sure if this is the reason why this seemed to be kind of a shit show or if I just haven’t learned yet how to play well with others.  The tests themselves went fine, that’s not the issue.  It just seemed that the person giving the tests seemed surprised when (other than my weight) they were normal or close to normal.  (You eat bacon *every* day?)  The person in question also didn’t seem to know what Paleo/Primal were.  Perhaps he was just suspicious of me as I’m the only person in Scotland who doesn’t drink.

The last part of it was to be instruction on how to use the cardio equipment.  Ummm no, just no.  I think I have that down.  (Not that some people may not know how, I just didn’t need that particular lesson.) What I would rather have (and hope to have) would be a form check on squats and deadlifts.

And then I went and had a latte the size of my head.

photo (2)

I waited for Steph and we went and soaked in the jacuzzi for a bit.  I wasn’t planning on a workout without having eaten in 14 hours.

So today I walked to and from the gym.  I also walked to pick up my prescriptions and run some errands (not pictured).

photo (3)

Tomorrow, I have a lot of work to do and I will be starting to train for a 10K!  Busy days ahead!

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