#Juneathon day 23- so, so tired

I am tired.  I got about 3 hours of sleep last night.  By the time we got in and I got to bed it was about 3.  I tossed and turned and woke up at 10 on the dot.  I was not amused.  I wanted sleep.

Given I wasn’t going to get any, I got up and went to Starbucks b/c we were out of coffee. I went in and got my iced latte, and then remembered I wanted to buy actual coffee.  So I had to get back in (the now rather long) queue.  I blame the Lyrica.

Then I attempted to get things done (nope) and went to the gym.  I ran about 4k on the treadmill.  I’d know exactly but I changed treadmills after the warmup b/c I wanted to be in the room with the blasting air con.  (#winning)

Headed back home and attempted to get things done, by if you mean getting things done as loading up my Hugh Laurie pics on Facebook (friend me and you can see LOL) and listening to the epic fail that was the Red Sox-Tigers game.  Don’t ask.

Here is a Hugh teaser.


I was going to do my Hugh Laurie review but now it’s 11pm and I am tired and need to wind down.  I have a busy week coming up (3 day workshop Tue-Thurs) not to mention everything else I have to get done.

Sleep, now.

And here is your daily Molly:




    • 25/06/2013 / 20:56

      She is soooooo cute!

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