#Juneathon day 26- more running

I don’t usually run back to back days.  I prefer to have a day to rest in between.  However, today I was feeling stressed out (I’m having some issues w/ my research- not the actual research but the way it’s imported to SPSS.) so I needed the run for real.

I ran the way we walk to the gym, along the river to the squinty bridge and then down and back over the Millenium bridge (all up hill both ways in the hurricane like wind).

that should say 5.02km, I don't know what Runkeeper is playing at!

that should say 5.02km, I don’t know what Runkeeper is playing at!

Right now I have a splitting headache, but I need to get some things done, so I am going to try to get them done.  And when I say get things done, I mean listen to the Red Sox game.  🙂

Today’s daily Molly:

2013-06-26 22.03.31



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