#Juneathon day 28- boys

Before I could get my workout on today, I had to wait for the washing machine repairman to come out and replace a timer or motor or something.  I assumed it was going to be the same guy as before (old) and was surprised when the guy that came through my door could have been Nomar Garciaparra’s Scottish cousin.

We ended up chatting and talking about how I was from Boston and of course I start babbling (which I do when I am anxious) about how I haven’t met many people here (does one count as many?) and haven’t had a successful date since the Clinton administration and that I’ve been single for 9 years.

Now that I think about it, it’s no wonder I am single, if this is how I talk to complete and total strangers.  #notwinning

As soon as he left, I grabbed my already packed gym bag and headed to the gym.

45 minute walk in total
30 minutes weights
10 or so minutes swimming

first half of the walk + weights

first half of the walk + weights

I have plenty of posts I need to get to including my worst race experience EVAH and an announcement about my 10K training!  🙂

Today’s daily Molly:

2013-06-28 22.22.32


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