June goal wrapup and goals for July

I can’t believe it’s the end of the month!  This year is flying by and I feel like I haven’t gotten enough done.

My June goals were:

  1. Lift twice a week- minimum.  If I have to wait for a bar, I wait or do something else.  You can do this!

    I sort of met this goal.  I managed it for half the month.  Now that we have the new gym, I can continue to do this.  Grade- C.

  2. Cross something off my fitness bucket list.

    Sadly, I didn’t get around to this.  I did start *training* for a 10K, so I am aiming to cross that off.  My new gym also has hot yoga, so I should also be able to cross that one off soon!  Grade- D.

  3. Continue to run and spin (go to spin, seriously go!) keeping in mind to go slow and not overdo it following 10% rule.

    I’ve managed the running fine, but I haven’t been able to fit a spin class in.  This week!  Really!  Grade- B (for all the running!)

  4. Watch latte intake.  Just because I’m out doesn’t mean it’s an excuse for more coffee.

    photo (2)

    I totally rocked this.  I haven’t been to Starbucks nearly as much to the point that when I was in the other day, the barista I always chat with flirt with  said that I hadn’t been in in forever!  He even asked about a meeting I had been nervous about (I don’t even remember said meeting!)  Grade A++++++

  5. Enter all of the surveys done on paper by the 15th.

    Totally rocked this one as well and had them entered BEFORE the 15th!  This was really hard b/c entering 250 surveys by hand (that have 27 questions each) was a royal pain in the ass.  Grade- A++++++++++++


And for July?

My schedule (so far) is wide open so I have plenty of time to get all the things done.

  1. Finish fixing all of the SPSS issues by the 5th so I can move on and actually run reports on my data.  In addition- actually get something written by the 15th.
  2. Rock my 5k on the 27th. (I’m aiming for a PR, but I will be happy if I finish under 45 minutes.)
  3. Take some classes at the new gym (aiming for one per week).
  4. Continue to do my PT exercises.  I’ve been slacking.
  5. Learn how to cook one decent meal (so that Steph doesn’t want to murderrrrrrr me in my sleep).
  6. And for the love of Rassillon, break this weight loss plateau!
  7. If I have time, learn how to make pretty graphics for these kinds of posts.


  1. 01/07/2013 / 20:55

    I love that you have monthly goals. Well done on those you rocked in June and best of luck for the ones for July! You’re going to do great!
    Jenn recently posted…all about me, from a-to-zMy Profile

    • 04/07/2013 / 16:45

      Thank you! I hope I rock ’em!

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