#Juneathon day 30- the end

Wow.  June is over, and that means Juneathon is over as well.  I have mixed feelings.  I love that it made me accountable and that I had to get activity in every day.  I hated that I couldn’t just have a duvet day and not move for anything or anyone!

So this month I covered 79 miles/127 km in the month (this is just recorded mileage on dailymile, which doesn’t always include every single walk I take) of June.  I’ll take it.

Today Steph and I went to the big Tesco.  (We debated between the need for groceries or the need to go to the gym.  Groceries won.)

2013-06-30 20.21.10

I’m more tired tonight than I anticipated.  I have my complementary personal training session tomorrow at the gym.  I hope that instead of being put on one of there “programs” I can just have my squat and deadlift form checked so that I can move on in my lifts.  I also may get up early to run; the 5k I’m running at the end of the month isn’t going to run itself!

Today’s daily Molly:

2013-06-30 20.42.21

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