Weekly workout wrap-up

It’s been a long week.  So long in fact, that I don’t even remember lifting on Monday.  Perhaps that is the Lyrica talking?  I don’t know.  All I know is that it has been a long “hot” (for Scotland) week and I’ve been out in the sun more than I should have been (behind on my work, of course) and have had PMT and been totally bitchy and that hasn’t changed since I weighed myself this morning when I saw I had gained 6 pounds overnight (see comment on PMT).

So this week’s workouts: I had a plan from Glasletes and was all excited to follow.  Until I didn’t walk/run/spin/move yesterday.  I just wasn’t feeling it.  I walked to Starbucks for coffee because I was out of ground coffee.  I sat out in the front garden for an hour and read and took notes on a book that is due back to the library (and can’t be renewed). I took more notes inside and listened to the Sox v. MFY game.  Despite the low activity (I still got my 10,000 steps though) I wasn’t bothered.  I was sore from the sprints and just all around blah.

So, as I was saying (I got carried away a bit there) the workouts:

The plan:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Lifting Long walk Jog, walk, stretch Lift or swim Sprints Group run or run on own “long” run day- 30 min

The reality:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Lifting Long walk; 7.5 miles Jog, walk, sprint @Glasletes Rest Sprints; 10x lamppost to lamppost Rest 30 minute run (on agenda)


Let me talk to you about those sprints for a moment.  We were to find 2 lampposts, sprint to it, walk back, repeat x5.  I was on my third when some people walked by.  They started laughing at me and as they turned the corner started mimicking my running in an over exaggerated manner.  I was hurt and angry and tweeted a lovely message about it. (Please mind the language.)

So instead of 5 sprints, I did 10.  (I also am aware that the first few weeks of plans are for true beginners, and I, for once, do not qualify as a beginner!)  I turned my anger into something positive.  However, that doesn’t mean I am still not angry about it.  I am angry and tired of it, frankly.  I just want to go out on my runs and not be laughed at or mocked, as I have said before. Not too much to ask, surely.

I was going to get up early to run this morning to “practice” for next week’s 5K, but I was just worn out and uncomfortable (reference above PMT).

This week I am thinking about going to second run session on Tuesday, as well as the one on Wednesday and maybe hit a spin class Thursday, and rest Friday as race day is Saturday!  🙂

As part of Glasletes I am raising funds for Alzheimer Scotland, if you are able please donate!


How was your weekend?

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