Big Fun Run Glasgow race recap

(Disclaimer: This is my own review.  I was not asked to review, not did I receive any compensation for said review.)

I’ve been looking forward to this race since my last 5K race wasn’t a 5K.  I was up early, had a small breakfast, triple checked I had all of my things (race #, chapstick, mobile, headphones, cash for subway and bus). I stopped and grabbed a coffee outside the subway (Siempre bicycle cafe= excellent coffee!) and was off. (I could have saved myself £2.50 by walking from Ibrox, but google maps didn’t give me that option 🙁  )

Before I got on the bus I stopped and grabbed a small water because I was positive that in my race info it said that there would be water stations.  I wasn’t sure where to get off, so when I saw people with race numbers sort of milling around on the street, I got off as soon as I could and walked back toward Bellahouston Sports Centre.  I wasn’t sure where to go or if there were any toilets so I asked inside.  They didn’t know, but they let me use their bathroom.  (Aside note: Bellahouston Sports Centre is massive and they have a gymnastics room.  I wonder if anyone can use it or maybe they have adult classes?  Curious.)

When I got back outside, I saw that people were heading not very far off and I could then clearly see the start signs (that were still being nailed up at 10 am; race starts at 11.)  I had some time to kill so I sort of walked in circles.

Finally at 10:40 they started the warm up.  I don’t really like to do a lot of stretching before a run,  just some walking. I sort of half heartedly stretched and then made one last loo run.

Finally it was start time!  I tried to get as close to the front as possible, started my Garmin and my Runkeeper and was off!  The first kilometre literally flew by.  I was so shocked when my Garmin said 7:38!  I just beat my PR- the one I had only set on Wednesday!  I was feeling really confident and then I realised there was a hill dead in front of me.  I slowed to a walk for the hill (and because my heart rate was over 170- my personal slow down rate).

The sun had come out, and it felt far warmer than the 66F/19C.  It was also seriously humid.  I kept pushing on, walking only when my heart rate was over 170, and picking it up again as soon as it was down a bit.  My prior confidence was still there, and because of that first “fast” kilometre I actually began to run the numbers in my head.  I could PR today.  (I had never in a million years expected to even think that.  I didn’t feel ready to push myself, and I didn’t think I was that “fast”.)

As the time passed, I had actually missed the third split beep on my Garmin.  At 3.5 I checked it, and realised I was really close to my PR time.  Finally 4km, and the 1 km to go sign.  At this point I was SO thirsty.  There had been NO water stations, and my small bottle of water was long gone. (I rechecked my info, it didn’t mention water stations but it’s summer, so maybe I expected water stations, like every other race I’ve ever paid to run in.)

I would love to say here I wasn’t frantically checking my time and doing math in my head, but that would be a lie.  Finally, I could see the finish and I ran as fast as a very thirsty person could, knowing that there would be WATER at the finish.

And then I saw this.

2013-07-27 18.11.56

Yes, I get *that* red. Sorry about the cleavage. 😐

This is not a 5K!!!! It’s very close to a 5K, but not an actual 5K.  So, I gulped down my water and began to wonder if this is how all races are; not 100% accurate.  So, let’s say that the 5K I ran in the US, was just a tiny bit off too.  That means that I still PRed (by 17 seconds).  This meant I could get a pedicure! (Let’s face facts peo, I was getting one PR or not.)


I headed home, showered, and went off for my celebratory pedicure. 🙂

2013-07-27 14.31.49

I’d take a better pic now but I’m wearing compression socks.

All in all, it was a great race (minus the lack of water stations and the not full 5K but close enough)!

Next time- sub 40?

Have you ever had races where the mileage isn’t right?  I’ve had 2 in a row, a bit much, eh?


    • 31/07/2013 / 13:03

      I try to reward myself for everything, which probably isn’t the best idea. However, in this case it was warranted! 🙂

  1. 29/07/2013 / 14:46

    Congrats on your PR, Cindy! Sounds like the race could have been a little more organised and more information provided to those taking part, but hey. At least you got there and you smashed it 🙂 Loving the pretty pink toes!
    Hannah @ catsdontlikecake recently posted…Be Our Guest: My Dream WeddingMy Profile

    • 31/07/2013 / 13:02

      Thanks! I hope my next race is the actual distance! 🙂

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