On being a “runner”

I’ve been running for a few months (again) now but I don’t feel like a runner.  Not remotely; not even close.

Take today for example.  I knew today was “long” run day- 30 minutes on the schedule.  I didn’t sleep well (again) and struggled to get out of bed at noon.  I knew I needed to get out and go (rain was on the forecast).  So at half one I was half dressed and debating whether to eat and wait to run, or run and come back go out to eat.  The sun had come out, so I went.

(I’ve been having ridiculous shin splints for the past two weeks, so after the Wednesday night run, my workouts have been walking or swimming and I’ve spent as much time icing/heating/compressing/soaking/covered in muscle rub.)

The run went fine, albeit slow, and it was windy out (with a side of sunrain) which sucked.  It’s after the run that’s the problem.  It’s the fact that it’s 7pm and I could go to sleep right now.  It’s the fact that after the run and short ice bath (I know I only went 4.6k, but I was curious to see if this would help my legs).  I could hardly walk up the street to the pub for a roast lunch.  Walking home was even harder.  Right now, if I had to move it would be too soon.

Mmmmm Sunday roast.  Too bad I could only eat the carrots.

Mmmmm Sunday roast at Curler’s Rest. Too bad I could only eat the carrots.

I really hope I feel so exhausted is because I ran without having eaten.  Perhaps I am not a person who can run fuelled solely on iced coffee.  Perhaps it will get easier; shouldn’t it already be easier?  Will I ever get faster?  Snails are passing me by.  Why am I so tired?  Why do I want to eat copious amounts of shortbread?

Please, someone tell me it gets easier?

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  1. 20/08/2013 / 18:32

    I find that I prevaricate immensely and more so for a longer run. I have been running for about 17 years….and I still sometimes cannot get my arse outside. If you get out and do it, you are a runner.
    It will get easier if you are able to do it regularly. It may get faster if you can run with a club and do sprints and stuff with other people (spoken from the heart as I run alone and have more or less run at the same slow pace for 17 years…).
    Have you thought of a SAD light to adjust your sleeping patterns or are you ok with them?
    Do keep going, you have such resolution and honesty.
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