Review: Bellissima Nail Spa

(Disclosure: I was asked to provide a review for a discount on services rendered, but as always, all opinions are my own.)

If you’ve read my blog long enough, you already know I’m kind of (ok REALLY) high maintenance.  (Note: to any single guys reading, please don’t let this influence your opinion of me.) I love all things “girly;” manicures, pedicures, getting my hair done, massages- the lot.

So when I want to reward myself, I try to keep from indulging in ice cream, and tend to favour beauty treatments instead.  For example, last week I did one whole day of work, so OBVIOUSLY, a reward was in order.  (Note: if you’re either of my supervisors you should know I err on the side of hyperbole.)  So, I treated myself to a manicure; not just any manicure- an OPI Gelcolour Overlay manicure.

Going to see Claire at Bellissima Nail Spa is like getting your nails done by a good friend; good company for a good natter and brilliant service.  Claire offers OPI Gel Colours (think Shellac only by OPI) and I chose Strawberry Margarita.  When I visited the salon frequently in the winter and early Spring I favoured the James Bond Skyfall Collection, which were darker, but it still being summer, I wanted a bright pink.

While I obviously love getting my nails done, I normally tend to get bored sitting and waiting.  Claire made the time pass quickly as we chatted, and the Gelcolour did the rest; a few coats of polish and 60 seconds under the lamp between coats and my nails were looking awesome!

2013-08-11 16.51.45

If you’re in the Glasgow area and need nail services, eyelash or eyebrow tinting, I recommend heading over to Bellissima Nail Spa (across from Tinderbox at the corner of Highburgh Road/University Avenue/Byres Road.).  Claire can be reached at 0141 339 1550 or by emailing her at  Bellissima Nail Spa is also on Twitter and Facebook.


(Once again though I received a discount for services rendered all thoughts and opinions belong to me.)

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