Whirlwind trip to London

This past weekend I was in London.  I love London; it’s my second favourite place in the world.  🙂

Thursday Steph and I took the train down to London and got in around 6.  We took the Tube to Highbury & Islington where we were renting a flat for the weekend through AirB&B.  We met the owner and picked up the keys and dropped our stuff off before heading to dinner.

For dinner we went to the Duchess of Kent.  It was an adorable pub with really good food.  I had fish and chips which was really good.  The atmosphere was laid back and everything was comfortable and inviting.

After dinner we walked around Islington and ended up at Euphorium Bakery for coffee.  I was really full from dinner so I didn’t have any of the delicious desserts that they had, and I wish I had had time to go back at some point this weekend.

After coffee we went back to unpack and unwind for the evening, as Steph had an early morning to go to the Eurogamers expo.

Friday, while Steph was at her expo, I went shopping after a delicious Pumpkin Spice Latte.  🙂  I spent a good amount of time on Oxford Street shopping and browsing.  I got new trousers at Uniqlo, picked up a cardigan at H&M, and popped into Victoria’s Secret for knickers.  I even found time to go to Selfridge’s for Pinkberry!  🙂


I even took some time out to get a manicure, which sadly didn’t last.  🙁  Booo.  (I know, #firstworldproblems!)

I wandered around a bit more and then decided I was really tired as I hadn’t slept well the night before.  I headed back to the flat and took a hot bath and had a nap.  Both were much needed.

When I woke up, I got dressed and went to meet Steph and another friend for dinner at Southbank.  We went to Giraffe, which was really good.  I had a grilled chicken sandwich and sweet potato fries.  Yum.  🙂


After dinner, Steph and I walked around the Thames and then headed back to Islington for the night.


Saturday we went for breakfast at Vagabond N7.  I had a latte and some really amazing toast.  I’m not kidding, it was the best toast ever!  We took the Tube into Oxford Street as Steph wanted to do a little shopping before heading to the Southbank Food Festival.  She also wanted Pinkberry.  Although I wasn’t really hungry I had salted caramel this time, and it was SO good.  I wish they had Pinkberry in Glasgow, but it’s probably best for my wallet and hips!  🙂

After having a bit of a wander, we headed to Southbank and looked at all the food on offer.  These kinds of things freak me out, as I am so paranoid about food poisoning and everything, so I didn’t really eat much.  I did have a lemonade and picked up some cookies for later (ginger and chocolate chip- and they were perfect, moist, and delicious!)

After Steph sampled what she wanted, we went and sat at Starbucks for a while to recharge our phones.  We ended up walking to Trafalgar Square and then onto Picadilly Circus not really having much of a destination.  We did go into Whole Foods, which was exciting because they had the espresso coconut water I love so much!  🙂


It was getting chilly and I was really tired, so we headed back to Islington for dinner and some relaxation.  We watched the last episode of The IT Crowd and I packed up our stuff and cleaned a bit before heading to bed.

Sunday, we headed out to Kensington and Chelsea for brunch at My Old Dutch.  I had waffles with fruit compote and bacon.  Yum.  After we wandered a bit; I went into Sweaty Betty and drooled over the leggings I want so much but cannot justify.  I did buy socks for this Sunday’s race.  We went to Whole Foods (again) and then headed back to finish packing and to hand in the keys before heading to Euston to take the train home.

All in all it was a good weekend, if not tiring.  I think it would have been far better for me had I not had a cold the entire week before and was still feeling not 100%.  I also had every intention to run a Parkrun Saturday, but with poor sleep and feeling poorly it just didn’t happen. I’m totally unprepared for Sunday, but that’s a post for later.  I  did walk 28,817 steps Friday (11.65 miles), 21,237 steps Saturday (8.6 miles), and 18,182 steps (7.4 miles) Sunday, so I was very active!

Where is your favourite place to travel to?


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      I will have to check out this Yolo! What a name! 🙂

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