A day in the life

So many people have done day in the life posts, that I thought I’d do another one.

3am.  Bed.  I need to stop reading so late.

5:30am- Woken up by Molly to be fed.  Feed Molly.  Pass back out.

2013-06-30 20.42.21

11am- Wake up. Make a coffee, turn on computer.  Check emails, texts, FB, Twitter, Feedly reader.  Find that a package is coming between 2:46-3:46pm which screws up my afternoon.  Oh well.  Respond to some emails, etc.

12pm- Ask Steph to make me breakfast.  Get birthday card in the mail from BFF.  🙂

12:15pm- Eat breakfast and drink second cup of coffee.  Order a window cleaner.  Oh the glamorous life I lead.

12:30pm- Get dressed in running clothes.  I need to run once my package is delivered.

12:45pm-Make a Nuun drink, set up my desk for today, start this post.

photo (1)

Start reading and note taking for the day.

1:30pm- Decide to go run since it isn’t raining and the sun is sort of out.  Steph doesn’t mind waiting for the delivery, in case it comes early.

2013-10-04 12.16.29

2:15pm-Return home, stretch, shower, get dressed, eat Greek yogurt, feed Molly

3:15pm-Delivery arrives, including my birthday present from Steph- a memory foam mattress pad. (I have a terrible mattress.)  Get ready to go to the library with Steph.

4:15pm- Arrive at the library via Starbucks.  Read and write!

6:30pm- Take a break and watch last night’s SVU.

7:20pm-Back to work, where working is me reading the Internet. #fail  I did partially stop b/c the lights in the library were aggravating my head.  (for some reason the uni lights always make my head hurt more, which is part of the reason I don’t go into my office as much.)

8pm- Head home for dinner and to watch House.  (Sky Atlantic is showing the whole show in its entirety and they are on season 2; my favourite! “Bros before ho’s!”)  I actually DVR’d it so that I could go to the library and not miss where I was in the rewatch.  I’m such a dork, but the rewatch is making me realise how much I love the show and I am falling in love with it all over again.

10pm- Wash dishes, get cleaned up, get ready for bed (which means I get into bed to read.)  This is my favourite time of day.  Quiet music, a good book, maybe some tea.  Sometimes I get a Molly to snuggle.

midnight- Get a text from my niece and end up Facetiming with her for a bit.  I also talked to my dad (He looks good! He will outlive us all!), youngest niece, and sister.  I saw one of their new cats (looks like an older Molly) and got to see my nieces being goofy!

Realise Molly hasn’t been fed and ask Steph to do it since I’m chatting.

2013-10-03 20.40.14

Molly in her “cave” made out of the box my mattress topper came in.

1am- Finish the last 50 pages of the novel I was reading

2am- Bedtime! 🙂  Lay awake for a while unable to sleep.  Finally fall asleep around 3.

So, all in all a typical day.  I got all the reading I had planned done (YAY!) and didn’t spend unnecessary money (DOUBLE YAY!)  Other days of the week are not so flexible; for example Monday, where I spend most of my day on campus, in my office, and then teach.  I should do a busy day for comparison to see how that kind of day looks.  🙂

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