Birthday week catchup update

So where was I?

Monday- After teaching, I went out with my “co-workers” for a drink.  Two glasses of wine and I am anyone’s girl!

Tuesday- Birthday!  After a late night where the Red Sox didn’t win, I slept in and then I honestly couldn’t tell you what I did!  I know Steph and I went to Tribeca for dinner and then caught up on Downton Abbey.  It was a nice quiet birthday.  And I got  my win that night.  🙂

Wednesday- I attempted to get some work done, and then went for a coffee to meet up with Kirsty.

Thursday-I went to the gym and spent some time on the treadmill seeing how my legs felt after Sunday.  I worked on my chapter and then went out to dinner with Steph and Kirsty.

Friday-I got a ton of writing done.  In fact, I was only short 300 words when I finished for the day.

I went for an easy 5K run in the afternoon where I froze my bits off.  It was really cold despite long tights and a long sleeved top.  I did notice my right leg/knee was really sore again so I figured I really needed new trainers.

Saturday- I went into city centre (this is the last time I go into the city on a weekend until after Christmas.  It was madness!)  I went to Run4It and got fitted for new trainers.  Apparently I am no longer overpronating, which is probably why my right side has been hurting.  I got new trainers and they are lovely.  I tried on several pairs including:

Nike Lunarglide+5


Brooks Ghost 6

But I ended up getting:

Saucony Ride 6

I would love to get either of the other pairs as well for backup, but I only have so much money!  I can’t wait to take them to the gym ASAP and try them out!

The rest of the day was spent finishing writing a chapter for my dissertation.

And then I was up until 5am for game 1 of the ALCS.

Sunday: I had so many plans in my head for Sunday, but none of them really came true.  We went for coffee and to Waitrose for some groceries.   I was so tired I couldn’t really focus on anything.  I painted my nails and took a nap.  Steph made a really good dinner of roasted veggies and salmon.  Yum.

And then it was another late night.  But so worth it.  My MLB tv wouldn’t stay connected so, when Dave O’Brien made the call on WEEI last night for the grand slam . . . .well let’s just say I was wide awake after that!

All things considered, it was a pretty good week!


No sleep ’til November!

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