Now that the craziness of post season baseball is behind me (I miss baseball!  How many days until P&C?) I have been trying to get organised and on a schedule.  Every night when I go to bed, I tell myself I am going to get up at a reasonable hour (read: before 11 am), go run or go to the gym, come back and get. things. done.  There have been 5 mornings I have tried to do this, and the only day that I got up early was on Saturday because I had to teach a workshop.

Today I managed to get up before 11 (at 10:45 so doesn’t really count) and so far have showered, gone to Boots and Tesco, hoovered the flat, done dishes, and started a load of laundry.  While productive, none of these things are my workout or my actual WORK.  (Debating what I am going to do for a workout today as it is cold (like 35 F/2 C and raining) so if it is not pouring at 5ish I might go to the gym, or I might just put on a workout DVD because lazy. I don’t have warm/dry enough running layers to run today.  Must get on that.)

Obviously, the most obvious way to handle this is to set an alarm.  However, that being said, it may work for some people, but unless I need to actually BE somewhere, I end up just curling back up with Molly and going back to sleep.  Or if I do get up, I find that getting up with an alarm really, really triggers my anxiety.  I used to wonder when I worked full time why I needed anti-anxiety medication EVERY morning.  Getting up and getting going like that somehow really made me very anxious.  And sadly, I don’t have the luxury of having anxiety medication I can take on a daily basis; it’s rationed now at best- but that is another story.

So my goals for the next 2 weeks are to attempt to

  • Get up at a reasonable hour.
  • Workout first.
  • Get 5 hours of work done a day minimum.
  • Cry self to sleep.

Should be totally achievable, right?

Anyone have any suggestions on getting on a schedule?  I know I keep harping on this, but one of these days I may just get it!

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  1. 12/11/2013 / 20:36

    No help to offer here, I struggle big time with this. I start well for a couple of days then get distracted.
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