MoRunning 5K Glasgow 2013 recap

This morning I ran the MoRunning 5K at Glasgow Green.  It was a cold and miserable morning made even worse by the fact that I had woken up at 5 am unable to sleep (more on that in another post).

I debated with myself after my alarm went off (I managed to doze off about 20 minutes before the alarm went off) on whether or not I wanted to run.  It was 35 degrees (about 2 C), dark and foggy.  I hadn’t slept well.  Did I really want to get dressed and go outside and run?

Finally I realised I would be angry with myself if I didn’t go, so I dragged myself up, got dressed, did a shot of instant coffee, and ate 2 pieces of Gluten free toast.  I layered up and headed outside.  Did I mention it was cold?

I took the subway to St. Enoch and from there I needed to walk to Glasgow Green (about a 10 minute walk).  When I got off the subway and headed outside, it was pouring.  I went into Tesco where it was warm  and so I could get a bag to put my iPhone in, in case it poured during the race.  When I came out, the rain had stopped.

I walked over to the Green and got my race number and timing chip.  I then stood around/walked around/used the porta-loo and waited for about 45 minutes.  I was glad I got there early enough because the queue later on for packet pickup was LONG.

The 5K runners were called first and everyone in that wave set off, as the rain began to fall again.  It was a rough start; it was hard to breathe the cold air and I started off a good minute/km faster than I usually run (which was fine, but I had trouble getting my timing for most of the run).  I was done with the first km in under 8 minutes which is really fast for me (it’s hard being slow).  Of course this is when they let the 10K people go, and I knew (being at the very back end of the 5K runners meant I would be passed very quickly by the 10K runners.)

Granted, this is fine, but it is a bit demoralising having these people blaze (and shove) past.  I know this is all mental for me here, but it is SO frustrating being so slow.  Mentally, I really feel I should be so much faster at this point but I am still struggling.   The second and third kms had the runners heading to a turn around, so that by the time I was halfway through the second km, 5 and 10K runners were already on the way back, flying past me in the other direction.  Somewhere around this point, my knee started aching and I felt like I was going even slower.

The last 2 kilometres were a struggle.  It was raining again and I felt like I was half running/half limping along.  I didn’t want to walk, and only really took 3 walk breaks for well under a minute each.  I was really excited when I realised that I was close to the finish line (as it was also where we started) and picked up the pace as fast as I could to hit the finish line strong.

After crossing, I grabbed my medal, had a quick drink of water, and walked back to St. Enoch to head home, shower, and get warm.  I was completely soaked and my toes were frozen.

My Runkeeper said I finished the 5K in under 43 minutes at 42:something and my race time on the site is 43:22, which technically is a PR, but not by as much as I thought.  (All of the 5K’s I’ve run this year have not been chipped or actually a 5k distance, so I can’t really use them as a comparative tool.)  The last race I have a chip time from is from 2006, and that would give me a 3 second PR.  Not the stuff of legends.

A model I am not.

A model I am not.

I clearly have a lot to work on.  I want to be a better and faster runner.  I hate being so slow, and having more than 30 people running a 10K finish before I’ve even finished a 5K.  I know I shouldn’t compare myself to others, but like I said, mentally I feel I should be a far better runner at this point and not struggling so much.

So, this may have been my last race of the year (not 100% on that yet), but hopefully many better races ahead in 2014.


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