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This weekend I had the pleasure and the privilege to attend the second Write This Run conference.   It was held at the Running Show at Sandown Park right outside of London.

When I arrived I met Lissy and we walked to the conference from the train station.  (I was glad of the company on such a cold morning!)  After getting situated I ran into Mercy and Gill and we went on to have a bit of a wander at the goodies on offer at the show and to have a coffee.

After an introduction from founders Liz and Laura, the first panel of bloggers spoke.

Be inspired:


First, was Jennifer who recently ran across America!  She ran 40 miles a day across my home country in the heat of early summer.  What an amazing feat!

Next up was Sophie, who was my favourite speaker of the day.  She spoke about how running became an outlet for her while dealing with the stresses of having a daughter on the Autism spectrum, and the challenges her daughter Grace was facing at school.  I am looking forward to reading her book, Grace Under Pressure.

Last for this panel was Simon, who is a visually impaired runner who is writing about the sights of the London Marathon and spoke of the challenges in running with a partner.

Blogger & Brand Relationships:

2013-11-23 12.04.40

The second set of bloggers to speak were there to talk about blogger and brand relationships.  Muireann from Bangs and Bun, John from Fitbrands and Rob from Mizuno talked about how to get the most out of a relationship with a brand or with a blogger.

I found this panel interesting and picked up a few tidbits of knowledge:

  • New runners are a market; they are not as “married to a brand” as many experienced or long time runners may be.
  • Bloggers can still definitely make an approach to brands.
  • If you do make an approach make sure you explain why you want to review a product, what kind of audience you have as a blogger, and how you’re going to add value to the brand.
  • Sell yourself but BE HONEST!

After lunch, we learned about better blogging from Jody Raynsford and Johnny Muir.


  • Who are you and who is your audience and why?
  • Give fully of yourself.
  • Focus on what’s interesting.
  • Do something different!

There was then an extended blogger Q&A panel where the attendees were able to ask questions and gain valuable insight from the experienced bloggers on the panel.

2013-11-23 13.54.00

After a tea break, we heard from Clifton Bradley, Simon Wegerif, and Team GB runner Robbie Britton.  This group of individuals shared a lot of information about stressors in training, the magic of recovery, and the challenges of running 100 miles in 16 hours.

After the last panel, the attendees had a choice of a running or yoga session.  I mentally wanted to stay for yoga, but after a night with little sleep, and the Doctor Who 50th anniversary episode being on that evening (priorities!) I made the decision to head back to London to grab some dinner and head back to my hotel.

I was so glad that I made the trip south to attend the second Write this Run conference and I am looking forward to the next one and to meeting up with everyone who will be taking part in the races we got entries from F3 events!  It was great to meet so many new people and catch up with people I met at the first conference.

Many thanks to Laura and Liz and the entire Write This Run team!

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