Christmas Wishlist

It’s gotten really cold in Glasgow as of late, so I’ve been thinking about Christmas.  I pulled the tree out 2 weeks ago, I just need to find time to put it up.

I love putting together my wishlist for Christmas.  As the years go on, the likelihood of me getting any of these things are smaller and smaller, but it is fun to dream!

Running wants:

This jacket.  Ever since Leah tweeted about it, I’ve been in love with it!

When I got fitted for new trainers, there were a couple of pairs I really wanted.  These, are the ones that I wanted the second most.

I love this Sweaty Betty vest. I got one in the sales, and it is super comfy.  I’d love another.

I’ve been watching these running tights forever!

I’d love this neck gaitor and this hat to keep me warm on cold days.

Apart from all the running gear I really want that GHD straightener I tried out over the weekend.  I definitely want the new Naked 3 palette from Urban Decay- it doesn’t come out in the UK until the 16th of December, so that may need to be a present for the new year!

I also really want the Ness Sadie bag in Rhubarb as well.  I’ve been drooling over this bag for months!

There are countless things I want under the tree come Christmas (Benedict Cumberbatch wrapped in a bow, obviously) but I will be happy with a few small things and maybe one big one. (Or, just get me all the things on this list.)  😉

What’s on your holiday wishlist?

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