Weekend London Trip

As I said in my last post, I headed down to London this past weekend to go to Write This Run.  I was so excited to be in London!  It’s my second favourite place in the world!

I took the train down and had hoped to spend the afternoon catching up on tv shows.  I watched the season finale of Covert Affairs, and idk if it was the movement on the screen or just the train, but I felt so motion sick afterwards.  I ended up listening to the Big Finish audio “Light at the End,” which was really, really good.

When I arrived at Euston, it was SO packed.  That’s what I get for arriving at 5 pm on a Friday.  😐 I got on the tube and headed to Elephant & Circus, where I was staying at the Hampton Court Palace Hotel.

2013-11-22 18.32.062013-11-22 18.32.16

After I checked in and charged my phone a bit, I decided to head out to get something for dinner.  Normally, I’ve been grabbing food at Tesco or Sainsbury when I’ve been down on my own to save money.  I went into Tesco, but there was nothing that really excited me.  I knew I had passed a Nando’s on my way in, so I figured I would grab a chicken sandwich.

After dinner, I debated on what I was going to do.  It was only about 7:30, and while I was tired, I wasn’t so tired that I felt like sitting in my hotel room.  I hopped on the Tube and headed to Embankment to grab a tea and walk around for a bit and enjoy the chilly night air.

The tube was SO much quieter 2 hours later!  🙂  After grabbing a tea, I headed down Embankment and attempted to take a selfie.  (I really do not like pictures of myself, but I wanted to see if I could get one that made me look “ok.”  I was told I don’t even look happy in this picture- which is funny b/c I am rather content, if a bit chilly in it.)

2013-11-22 19.53.34



I’m not sure if I look any better in this one.

2013-11-22 19.47.11

I took a few more photos, walked a bit more, and called it a night.

2013-11-22 19.44.33

2013-11-22 19.57.59


I caught up on my tv shows, and then finally went to sleep.  I was so excited for Write this Run the next day, that I was hardly able to sleep.

Saturday morning started off like this.

2013-11-23 07.54.15

Coffee at Waterloo Station


Loving the Christmas decorations!

Loving the Christmas decorations!

After Write This Run, I picked up a sandwich and snacks on my way back to the hotel, and got ready to watch the Doctor Who 50th birthday episode!  I really liked it, but can understand why some people didn’t.

I attempted to get to bed early (didn’t happen) as I was so excited from the episode.  Since I had decided I wasn’t going to run the 5k 🙁 due to injury, I knew I didn’t have to get up super early.  I had planned on sleeping until about 9, but was woken at about 8 by people yelling loudly in French in the hallway.  I was not a happy camper.

I got up and got the rest of my things packed and was able to shove all of my things into my backpack.  It had to have weighed 30 pounds, but I am sure it didn’t!  I checked out and headed off to have breakfast.  I had discovered a cute place in Soho I wanted to check out, but the queue was SO long, so I ended up at Starbucks.  I hope to be able to check out The Breakfast Club Cafe the next time I am in London.

After coffee, I went to Hyde Park to the Christmas market.  OMG was it HUGE.  I could not believe all the things that were on offer.  There is pretty much an entire amusement park (complete with 2 roller coasters) a ton of food and drink, and Christmas crafty things to look at.  I walked around for well over an hour just looking.

2013-11-24 11.35.012013-11-24 11.36.30

I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do after that, so I decided to go to Selfridge’s and hit up Pinkberry.

It's never too cold for Pinkberry!

It’s never too cold for Pinkberry!

I wandered around a bit and had a demo of a new GHD straightener which I now desperately want.  (It’s the GHD Eclipse and I will dream that Santa brings it to me.)

After, I went to Starbucks (again, I know) but this time it was for water and to charge up my phone.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to do next as I was getting kind of tired, so I was glad when I got a message from Charlie, who was at work at Sweaty Betty!  I had met Charlie at WTR and it was great to have a quick chat with her.  (I love Sweaty Betty and I wish they would come to Glasgow.  I would so be at every workout and would love to work there p/t!)

After saying goodbye to Charlie, I wandered around Carnaby/Oxford/Regent Streets a bit to look at the gorgeous lights.  I didn’t get any pictures as it was really crowded, but I hope to try in 2 weeks when I am back in London.

I didn’t have any real aim, so I just started walking in the general direction of Euston.  I had plenty of time, but I also hadn’t eaten anything besides Pinkberry for lunch, so I walked and looked for a place to eat.  I actually ended up at a Nando’s again, if for no other reason than I really had to pee at that point!  After eating, I did just end up going to Euston and sitting in the pub and a magazine while I waited for my train.  I was tired and cold and didn’t really have it in me to wander anymore.  (At that point I had walked nearly 10 miles, so I was done.)

I really enjoyed my time in London and can’ t wait to go back in 2 weeks!

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