Running revelation

It’s not a newsflash that I am a slow runner.  I know this, and I haven’t exactly made it a secret.  It is frustrating though.  I am not sure how fast people normally progress, but I honestly (as I’ve said before) expected to be faster by now.

Yesterday, I went out for a slow run to see if my calf had healed (it has).  I was pleased and excited because this means a return to running.  I was excited until I started reading about people’s Turkey Trot times.

I became rather bummed out.

It was frustrating to read because people were genuinely upset about their times, times that I can only dream of.  I know that runners are competitive with others and especially themselves, but it was hard to read people being upset about 5K times under 20 minutes and 10K times far faster than my 5K time.  I also realise that me being annoyed over other people being upset about their times makes me a fucking hypocrite.  Of course people want to see improvement and always PR!  I want to feel good about myself and good about my accomplishments, but it is so hard when I see the huge gap between myself and them.

Eventually I realised I have to (for the moment) stop focusing on the number when it comes to time.  I am such a focus on the number person, rather than the journey.  I also let myself be defined by the number, be it race times or my weight.  Wake up and see a 3 pound gain on the scale? Day ruined.  See a loss?  Best day ever!  While this is really hard for me, I know it is the best decision for me right now.  I am going to work on running for distance and being consistent as possible.

Today I went out for a “long” (for me) and slow run.  I think had I had water with me and if I had left earlier, I could have gone for a bit longer.

2013-11-30 17.09.25

For the next few months I am going to be working to get my 10K time down in time for the F3 event in March.  I got 2 entries from Write this Run, so if anyone wants to run the 10K with me, please let me know.  🙂

I am also planning on training for a half marathon (hopefully the Edinburgh half) starting this winter giving myself A LOT of extra time to train (in case of illness/injury) and in hopes I can get my times down so I’m not swept off the course!


Also, for those of you in the UK who like Doctor Who, the Glasgow Doctor Who Society  is looking to find out about interest in a possible convention.  If you could, please fill out their survey!


  1. 30/11/2013 / 23:50

    I really need to get out of the comparison trap. It’s really not helping me at all. I need to learn to focus on me and me alone!
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