Polar FT2 Review

I’m no stranger to fitness technology. I’ve used a Polar HRM in the past, and currently use a Garmin Forerunner when running outside. What I was missing however, was a heart rate monitor for when I was at the gym or working out at home. I like to monitor my heart rate; it helps me keep from completely overexerting myself (which for me can lead to increased headaches and nausea).

The Polar FT2 is a basic heart rate monitor that is great for people who are starting an exercise regimen for the first time, returning to exercise after injury, or for those who have been recommended to monitor their heart rate while exercising.

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And that is exactly what the Polar FT2 allows me to do. It allows me to monitor my heart rate while walking to and from the gym, lifting weights, or taking a spin class. That being said, let me break down the pros and cons of the Polar FT2.



Allows you to see your current heart rate Does not calculate calories burned
Can set your maximum and minimum heart rate Does not calculate average heart rate overall
Saves average and maximum heart rate Cannot pause mid-workout
Comfortable, lightweight watch Only saves last workout in memory
Comes with heart rate chest strap One button can make it hard to navigate menu

The best thing about the Polar FT2 is that it allows me constant access to my current heart rate while being worn. This is great while in spin class, when I want to just check how hard I am pushing myself.  It does calculate the duration of the workout but it does not calculate calories burned. For someone who likes to keep track of both these things, I found the lack of those two features limiting.

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Overall, if you are a new to exercise or want to get back on the workout bandwagon come the New Year, the Polar FT2 may be just what you are looking for! (Please remember to check with your GP if you are concerned about getting back into an exercise routine if you are recovering from illness or injury.)

The Polar FT2 is available from Argos for £49.99.

*post in association with Argos

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