Re re-branding

As it’s nearly a new year, I’ve been thinking about changes.  I’ve been thinking about resolutions.  I’ve been thinking about what some of these changes could be.  One of them could be re-re branding my site here.

It’s no mystery that I’ve not been to a spin class in months.  I don’t really talk a lot about my research; this blog was always about life/weight loss/exercise.   While I’ve been more into running, that doesn’t mean that it will be a long time thing; I could become ill or injured.  ( maybe?)

I’m trying to think about something that would be more timeless although I’m not sure painkillersandprozac, chocolateandcodeine,  neuroticRedSoxgirl, or iheartbenedictcumberbatch would get me more page views.  :/

At any rate, it is something to think about- trying to find something more me.


Do you have any name suggestions for my blog?


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