Bing Bong

I haven’t done much running this week, maybe once?


I’m not sure.  The days seemed to run into one another.  I did spend what seemed an inordinate amount of time doing work for one of my supervisors, and not enough doing real work.  I also spent far too much time watching 24.  Too much in fact, that I’ve now finished watching all 8 seasons in less than 3 weeks.  (avoidance much?)

Anyways, I went for a run today and I didn’t really want to do much thinking.   Since, that’s what I do when I run, perhaps that’s why I’ve been avoiding it.  I don’t believe I got further than OMG today they are recording the last episode of Cabin Pressure *sobs!* (Will Martin find true love and a paying captain’s job?  Will Douglas become a captain again?  Will Carolyn be able to keep GERTI?  Will Arthur still be playing yellow car?***)


That being said I managed a little over a kilometre before I was done.  Finished.  Deaded.  My heart rate was way too high for the speed I was going; I couldn’t breathe.  So I stopped right there on the path along the water, turned around, and walked home.

I’m not sure if it was the fact that I had only drunk coffee by that point, or the new med I am trying out, but I didn’t like the feeling at all.  Coincidence?


I’m hoping for a better week, where I perhaps get my life in order.








***You’re always playing yellow car, duh.


    • 03/03/2014 / 17:34

      🙂 I had a series 3 marathon about a week ago.

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