February goal wrapup and March goals

I honestly can’t fault myself for not sticking to my goals  in February.  It was a bit of a traumatic month to say the least.   I was glad I was mostly able to hold it together.




So for February:
1. Keep running 3x/week.

According to Runkeeper, I managed 45.4km in February in 11 workouts.  Not great, but it could have been worse.


2. Make a decision about the half.

Well, that was kind of made for me, as the half has been cancelled.  I may think about one in the fall, but right now, I honestly think I need to focus on my work, improving my current times (my 3k average is still the same after 9 months) and getting weight off to make it easier.

3. Recommit to tracking my calories.  I’ve been terrible about watching what I’ve been eating lately.


4. Get my life organised.




Yeah, February was a miss.

So for March:

1. Follow my 10k training plan.  Seriously (yes I already know I missed a “long” run yesterday b/c I felt horribly dizzy and nauseous).
2. Track my calories 5/7 days.
3. Get my presentation done early so I can practice it and review it.

Presentation, you ask?

I’m going to be presenting and attending a cyber bullying conference at Oxford University at the end of the month!  🙂



I really hope March is better than the first 2 months have been.  Seriously.



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