Things I’m totally loving right now

I really should be working right now.  I’ve got so many tabs open on my laptop right now; it’s not even funny any more.  I’m working on my presentation for the end of the month and I am totally stressed.  So, obviously, I figured it was clearly the time for a quick blog post.

Things I’m totally loving now:

1.  Luke Sital-Singh

I saw his show last week and it was bloody amazing.  I literally can’t stop listening to his albums (can I still say that even though it’s all digital downloads now?)

from Luke’s tumblr


2. 10k training

I actually got all 3 runs in last week.  Probably a record.

Sunday runday

Sunday runday


3.  Good friends who bring you chocolate, send you gifts in the post as a thanks, and who write you delightful fics.  🙂  You know who you are.


4.  Rupert Graves’ hair.  I could write an entire post about the texture and complexity of his gorgeous locks, but I will just let this picture say it all.


And on that final note, I need to get back to work.



I almost forgot!  I am totally addicted to this retirement!lock mix.  It’s gorgeous and heart breaking all at once.  The first time I listened to it I was sobbing as I walked down Byres Road.  Seriously.  It’s perfect.

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